The amazing thing you will never know (B.A. Part 4)

     While waiting for a customized blog, I decided

to be brave. I fooled around with the template

themes and found one I like better. (and while pushing

all the buttons, my blog didn’t implode)

     Impressive. I know.

    The reason you will never know is that if you go

back and read earlier entries it will still be the newer

template. (So I wanted to let you know about this

amazing thing I’d accomplished.)

     I thought I was pretty cool until I tried to change

the tagline. And couldn’t. My computer savvy brother

told me to press tagline. Sounds simple. But the

word Settings had a strange look about it. A look

that said ‘you should know something about

computers before you fool around with me’. So I

picked up on its warning and stayed away. (You know.

The whole blog imploding irrational fear thing.)

     But after a quick email back and forth(actually

it took a couple) , I clicked Setting, went to

general, and then found where I could

change the tagline. And then I really did something

cool. I changed my title to all caps. I felt so

empowered, smart, and technologically intelligent,

 like I could bake a cake, blindfolded,

while blogging .

     And now, if I could only figure out how to link.

(The link button has a look that says, ‘touch me and

your blog is dead.)

     Maybe tomorrow.

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