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Writing what you read.

A question has been ping ponging around in my mind, and I don’t have an answer yet.

I love reading upper middle grade.

Every trip to the library I scour the shelves for any new books or older books that have hidden from me. But I like a certain kind of middle grade. I’d say it’s the same kind of middle grade I try to write – heart, humor, and suspense. (Okay, sometimes, I have a dark streak that appears in some of my stories or ideas. Like a morbid ghost story pops up out of nowhere. Just like I enjoy a dark story at times).

And, so far, I’ve only ever written upper middle grade.  Ya know – the whole write what you love.

I also love YA.

But I’ve never written it.

Do you always write what you love to read? Do you ever stray from that? And do you ever wonder if you’ve been trying to write in the wrong genre? Or with the wrong approach? Or dark vs light?

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