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Where are you on the writer’s journey?

So, wow, I reached a 150 followers.

But I feel like some of the more recent followers I don’t know very well.

So, here’s your chance. Tell me your name, what you write, what stage of the writer’s journey you’re on, or something about yourself. I’d love to visit your blog and follow back if I haven’t yet.

I’ll start it off.

My name’s Laura, but don’t ask me for my middle name because I’ve never liked it. So far, I’ve only written middle grade (kids ages 8-12). But recently, I started my first YA! Ack! I’m trying YA because my plots tend to be complicated and I get comments that my characters sound older. And the idea I got wouldn’t work for MG.

I’m almost done revising an upper MG and will eventually query it.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about yourself and let my other readers get to know you too!

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