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Fine. I’m backed into a corner. I’ll tell you.

Told you I’m a rule breaker. I’m already veering off from a set path. I was planning on starting Friday Five (on Friday)– just a trial – and see if I like it. But not today. Next week. Promise.

Just in case you all think I’m a slacker, I’ll share the real reason I don’t write resolutions or goals. I promise I don’t lollygaggle through the year with no aim or purpose.

It’s the same reason why I don’t do Nanowrimo. (Not to say I won’t in the future.)

I have a competitive drive. This drive and determination keeps my goals at the forefront of my mind. I’m already writing. Week to week. Month to month.

I don’t need to write my goals down in order to get stuff done. Actually, I’m pretty hard on myself. I set a schedule and I stick to it. Of course, I also know when I need a break. When I need to spend time with family. And when I need to clean. *cough cough *

Outside of weekly and monthly writing goals, I have two goals, which really apply to all writers.

  1. I will purposefully strive to improve my craft. Read books I like and don’t like and analyze them. Read craft books. Practice. Read more. Work at aspects of life I can control.
  2. I will be bold and take risks in my writing and any future story ideas.

I can’t control whether I get published or not, but I’m sure as bleep going to try. (Hmm, wonder what book I’ve been reading.)

What is your motivation level? Do you need to write goals down in order to reach them? (Outside of writing, I do write lists and cross things off. Or I’d forget what I’m supposed to do.)

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before i write

What if your current work-in-process died part way through? And you had only seven chances to rewrite it. What direction would your story go?

I’m sure there would be stages. Shock. Denial. Grief. Anger. Joy. Freedom.

But what if on the fourth day, you decided what the heck? And you lost all your inhibitions and fears.

Not all your choices might be smart but some of them might be brilliant.

What if you approached your writing, your story, your characters like that – every day? Every time you sat down at the keyboard. No inhibitions. You let your mind go. Be bold. Be brave. 

What if you wrote your story and didn’t think about trends and rules? Especially the rules. (Okay, first learn the rules and then you can break them.)

What if you let your story out of the box? And didn’t press the delete key because you thought something was too stupid, too risky, too silly, too sexy.

What if you didn’t think about the books you love or hate? What if you stopped trying to emulate your favorite author?  What if you stopped trying to nail down exactly what your future readers might like or not like? 

What if you didn’t care about peer pressure or what other writers or people might think?

I wonder. What if?

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