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Exploring different genres or age groups. Question for you!

I have a question. For you. Published or not published. Agented or not agented.

I write middle grade. I’ve been writing middle grade. I love reading terrific middle grade (lower mg or upper mg). But I also love reading YA. Even adult fiction. What it comes down to is story. I love stories with humor, heart, and suspense. And that’s how I try and write.

I’m just curious how many of you have jumped off the solid bridge/cliff/skyscraper of what you normally write and tried something different. Like you normally write picture books and you tried YA. Or you write for adults and tried a chapter book. Or you write contemporary and tried a dystopian. You get the idea. 

I have an idea of the pros/cons of making such a decision. But when an idea for a story outside your genre or age group grabs you by the heart, would you listen?

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