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An unexpected side effect of reading self-published books.

There is an overlap that happens between traditionally and self-published books. Meaning, there are traditionally published books and self-published books that are equal in writing, character development, and story premise. And they could easily switch places and no one would be the wiser.

So if I have a choice between two books I’d enjoy and one is between 10 and 12 dollars and one is between 99 cents and 4.99 – guess which ones I’ll purchase and read? So yes, I’m buying less traditionally published books because the quality level of self-published books is on the rise and they are less expensive.

Recently, I searched traditionally published books and read the first pages. There were certain books I’d wanted to read but based on the reviews and the sample pages I decided to hold off. The writing wasn’t bad, just not great. I wasn’t hooked.

So if I’m to purchase a traditionally published book it has to be extremely well written with a great premise. I expect more from them. And I have such a wealth of great books on my Kindle waiting to be read that I don’t buy the “just okay” books.

Here’s my reading report of late:

Under The Never Sky (Traditional)- Absolutely gushed about this book. Free from library and I probably wouldn’t have purchased because my interest in dystopian is fading. Unless it sweeps me off my feet. As did Shatter Me too.

Wanted: Dead or Undead (Indie press)by Angela Scott – Currently reading and I’m really liking it. Great emotion and writing. Free during a one day promotional event.

Will purchase and read: The Pledge (Traditional) by Kimberly Derting. The opening pages sold me.

Will purchase and read: (Self pubbed) Finding Emma by Steena Holmes. Loved the opening pages.

What’s your reading report of late?

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