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To cry and to laugh and perspective.

Who said this publishing journey would be easy? (No one) Any posts by the published authors – traditional or Indie – will say the same thing. The writing is the easy part. The revising is the easy part. But dealing with the hard work of a small business and the ups and downs is emotionally hard.

There are so many things to make us cry like disappointing sales or screwed-up formatting or not enough chocolate chip cookies. Before that it was query letters and submission processes. Some days it’s not a problem and other days because of other pressures of life the smallest thing will set us off. It’s okay. Breathe deep, make some hot cocoa and put disappointments in perspective.

There are many things to make us smile and laugh too like good sales, pride of our own work, seeing friends’ success, and beyond writing and publishing, our family and friends. (That perspective thing again.)

Have a great Thanksgiving to my American friends! Here are some books and new releases for you to enjoy!

Vanishing Point is now free. Enjoy!!!!

Lies can be deadly.

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DANGEROUS DEPTHS, book 2 of The Sea Monster Memoirs

by Karen Amanda Hooper, has washed ashore.
Hell hath no fury like a selkie separated from his true love.

Regret is a formidable foe.

Her parents had a second chance at love? Would she and Cade get one, too?
Coming soon to Barnes & Nobles and itunes
Tattered Dream
(Desolation Diaries #3)
Miro has seen Akaros’ return–and James’ death. But James has been to Hell and back and refuses to let Akaros rob him of his future with Miri. Desi might not be there to save him this time but James is determined to save him.
Have a great week!! Tell me what you’ve been reading!
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