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Thankful Friday and Google maps

Dear Google Maps,

You’ve really had a profound affect on my life. You see, I’m not a very visual person, so it’s good for me to see where I’m going first, from traveling to soccer games to doing research for my novels.

And as any good relationship should develop, I feel I’ve gotten to know you better, especially when my last novel took place in South Boston. Don’t be offended, I still made my husband go with me, just in case. The museum I visited isn’t quite in South Boston and that’s where my character lives, but as a rural NH girl, I was a tad bit nervous about driving through Southie. But don’t feel too bad, Boston is one of the hardest cities to drive in, even before you came along.

I feel our relationship really went to the next level when I tried out the Google satellite. It was amazing! I zoomed in on South Boston. I got street names, the cemetery’s name, business names, the middle school’s name and I really got a feel for what Southie looks like. You helped me add details to my novel so it’s more believable. And if you ever try to write a novel, you’ll realize that’s kinda important.

Thanks for being such a great friend, and I promise you’ll be seeing more of me. My next novel takes place in another country, so I just might have to try out Google earth.

Thanks and best wishes in mapping out the world!

What writing tool are you thankful for?

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