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An unexpected side effect of reading self-published books.

There is an overlap that happens between traditionally and self-published books. Meaning, there are traditionally published books and self-published books that are equal in writing, character development, and story premise. And they could easily switch places and no one would be the wiser.

So if I have a choice between two books I’d enjoy and one is between 10 and 12 dollars and one is between 99 cents and 4.99 – guess which ones I’ll purchase and read? So yes, I’m buying less traditionally published books because the quality level of self-published books is on the rise and they are less expensive.

Recently, I searched traditionally published books and read the first pages. There were certain books I’d wanted to read but based on the reviews and the sample pages I decided to hold off. The writing wasn’t bad, just not great. I wasn’t hooked.

So if I’m to purchase a traditionally published book it has to be extremely well written with a great premise. I expect more from them. And I have such a wealth of great books on my Kindle waiting to be read that I don’t buy the “just okay” books.

Here’s my reading report of late:

Under The Never Sky (Traditional)- Absolutely gushed about this book. Free from library and I probably wouldn’t have purchased because my interest in dystopian is fading. Unless it sweeps me off my feet. As did Shatter Me too.

Wanted: Dead or Undead (Indie press)by Angela Scott – Currently reading and I’m really liking it. Great emotion and writing. Free during a one day promotional event.

Will purchase and read: The Pledge (Traditional) by Kimberly Derting. The opening pages sold me.

Will purchase and read: (Self pubbed) Finding Emma by Steena Holmes. Loved the opening pages.

What’s your reading report of late?

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The mystery of a fantastic book.

Last Tuesday at the library:  I’ll just skim over the titles in the YA section, just to see. Oh look, Under The Never Sky. But it’s vacation next week. The kids will be home. I have a ton of stuff to do. I’ll just stick it in my bag. Eh, just another dystopian.

Wednesday:  Didn’t even look at the library bag.

Thursday: Fine, I’ll read the first chapter. Yep. Just what I thought. Another dystopian. Seriously? Do we need another? I should’ve left it on the shelves. What was I thinking?

Friday: All the boys gone on a cub scout overnight. No time to read. Make dinner for four middle school girls on a sleepover, then go to bed early so they can be silly and talk without “the mom” eavesdropping. In bed, plot the second book after A Spy Like Me. I guess I’ll bring that book up with me, just in case. Didn’t read it.

Saturday: Clearly, I’m not going to get any work done. I’ll read one more chapter. Wha? What just happened? Hmm. This just got a lot better. I’ll read the next one just to see. Chapter three introduces Peregrine’s pov (the boy). Seriously. I’m a goner.

Saturday night: I leave watching a great movie with thirty minutes to go because I need to read more before bed. I’ll be grumpy because I wasn’t even going to watch the movie! Stayed up too late reading.

Sunday: Church. Dinner at the parents. All I want to do is stay home and read. Couldn’t.

Sunday night: The kids are in bed. Just a few more pages. Then I’ll going to write my blog post for today.


Finished an incredible book that I couldn’t put down. Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi was not another dystopian. It was incredibly written with amazing tension…and it was one of the best love stories I’ve read in a while.

News: The big reveal of the cover for A Spy Like Me will be Next Monday at YA Confidential, and a giveaway here!

Have you read a great book lately?

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