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UNTRACEABLE – an ending done right.

Danger. Lurking at every turn in the woods.

Mystery. Pulling at Grace’s heart strings, drawing her further into the lies and cover ups going on in her town.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Well, it is.

We all know the first few chapters need a hook. But more importantly, we need the last quarter to keep us on our toes, worrying about the main character, hoping she’ll be okay, wondering how she’ll reach her goals.

The second half of UNTRACEABLE is chapter after chapter, scene after scene of revelations, tension, and heartbreak. The first half draws you into the mystery. I cared for Grace, felt her pain. Put it together and it’s WOW!

Thrillers seem to be up and coming in the young adult arena and UNTRACEABLE leads the way. A unique, well-written story about Grace, who uses her tracking skills to find her missing father.

Everyone tells Grace her father is dead and she needs to move on, but Grace listens to her gut. She meets dead end after dead end. Is she in denial? Or could her father still be out there? And will she manage to stay alive to find out the truth.

A must-read, fast-paced, heart-racing thriller that will pull you in and not let go until the last page.

Way to go Shelli!

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