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Magical library stacks and the future.

In the future, I would like magical library stacks.

 So, in the summer, when craziness hits like a sudden rainstorm, and my kids are bickering playing nicely hand in hand; and I’m exhausted full of energy from driving everywhere, swimming at the lake, and visiting with friends – I can escape.

Like magic, library stacks would branch off of my kitchen. With an aisle long enough to be separated from the chaos, and the Super Nanny would guard the entranceway and entertain my children with educational games. The stacks would be filled with the perfect research books for my current project. And candlelight, would light my path, except these candles would never burn out or fall over.

And at the end of the aisle would be the perfect hideaway writing nook. A computer would sit on a low shelf that would never grow dusty. A small fridge would be right near by to store cool drinks and snacks. Soft, shimmery curtains would cover the window, so I could let in natural light. And the ocean would be right outside so the salt air and cool breeze would refresh my senses. And, just in case my kids managed to sneak past Super Nanny, they could climb out the window and splash in the waves. And I might join them.

And in the winter, a pot-bellied stove that continually burned would be tucked away in the corner, next to a big oversized stuffed armchair. And other library stacks would branch off mine, filled with the latest arcs and new releases.

I could add extra features like a private masseur, who also works as a professional editor, and he would peek over my shoulder and offer advice at just the right times. But I don’t want to be unrealistic.

So, what would you add to the magical library stacks? Did I miss anything crucial?

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