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Snowflake Part II Short and Long Synopsis

So, I’ve dreamed, plotted, nixed bad or hack ideas and finally figured out what my next project will be.

I’ve written my logline.

Next, I expand the one sentence to a paragraph. (Not for query purposes.) (This is based on Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method.)

Sentence one:    Set up.
Sentence two:    Events up to first disaster. (End of Act I)
Sentence three:    Events up to second disaster. (Middle of Act II)
Sentence four:    Events up to the third disaster. (dark moment and End of Act II)
Sentence five:    Climax of final confrontation and ending. (Act III)

Not easy. At. All.

Next, the short synopsis – one paragraph for every sentence.
And then the long synopsis – three paragraphs to every one paragraph in the short version.

Honestly, this step kinda freaks me out. Fifteen paragraphs? It seems like climbing a mountain with my legs tied. I try my hardest to talk myself out of it. I don’t really need this. I’ve written a story before without it. Why waste time when you could be actually writing? In the past, I’ve listened to these arguments. And did fine.

But this time, I decided to it. And I’m glad I did. Connections were made. New secrets developed. And as better or different ideas came, I went back and revised.

Is this written perfectly? No. It’s just me getting my ideas down.

Is my synopsis cast in cement? Absolutely not. As I write the first draft, if new ideas come, I’ll go with them. But usually, I don’t stray too far.

So does following the Snowflake method appeal to you or totally turn you off? I’m sure if you’re a pantser your skin is crawling right about now. (Or you stopped reading a while ago.)

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