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Mockingjay is not a video game.

On twitter and blogs – a lot of people have finished Mockingjay and loved it. But I’m getting the impression that it’s not a happy ending and parts might be disturbing. 

I don’t remember the issue of violence coming up after Hunger Games or Catching Fire came out. Not like this.

Nathan Bransford blogged about violence in children’s lit last week. Go read some of the comments. They were great. I particularly liked the comment pointing out that even though Mockingjay has violence, Suzanne Collins is clearly against war. And I think that makes the difference. War and violence is not glorified. This book is not a video game.

Suzie Townsend also blogged about it.

For me, violence and sex in children’s lit. is not really about the violence and sex. It’s about execution. And the context. It’s about the emotional impact behind the acts. It’s about the characters and how they deal with it.

Considering  The Hunger Games Trilogy is based during war, the violence is necessary. It is not trivialized or thrown in to be gimmicky. And the characters deal with the emotional consequences.

Some books without the actual violence but a main character filled with anger  and unhealthy responses can be more harmful/upsetting.

Some books without sex but a main character obsessed with love to the exclusion of friends and family is more unhealthy.

What do you think?

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