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Pay It Forward blogfest!

Just like Matthew, I don’t usually sign up for blog fests. But this one really appealed to me. I love to pay it forward. That is 73.27% of the reason I started my blog.

Then I learned I could only spotlight three! Three? That’s impossible. I love so many blogs. I want to choose all my blogging buddies – all of you.

But I can’t. Because you all know each other! Thanks Matthew and Alex for the great idea!

So without any more suspense, here are my three blogs.

Writability by Ava Jae.

Ava always has something smart to say about the writing process. The blog directory on the tab bar has a list of all the great articles. Ava is active on Twitter and always has a friendly tweet. Definitely a must follow!

Living the Creative Life with Marisa Hopkins.

Marisa shares wacky stories of her kids, talks about her writing, and shares some fun crafty foods to do with your kids. I always come away from her blog with a smile.

I made this Ice Cream For Breakfast snack for my kids one afternoon and they were extremely impressed. Thanks Marisa!

The last one is a little different. She’s a smart woman, mother, and women’s ministry director at her church. She’s decided to live her life completely undone for God. And the blog follows the ups and downs of her past and present. You will be moved. You will laugh. You will be inspired. Whether you believe in God or not, you will walk away encouraged.

Living Completely Undone by Susan Pauling

She’s also new to Twitter. @susanpauling

What’s that you ask? We have the same last name?

Oh, right. I met Susan in 8th grade and we’ve been best friends since. She just happens to be my sister in law too.

She is a writer. And one of these days, she’ll be writing her incredible memoir.

Check out all the Pay It Forward bloggers!

If you didn’t participate in this blog fest, name a blog in the comments you feel is a must follow!

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