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Finding the right story idea.

Breaking news: American Idol was upstaged last night for the first time since 2004 – by the Olympics. And even though I love American Idol, I thought that was pretty cool stuff. I mean, you can’t get more real than the Olympics.

Last night, I was introduced to a new sport.

The sport is called curling. And I guess it can get pretty intense. This was the best video I could find that showed a full shot. The goal is to get your “puck” in the middle of the target by the last shot.

Then I learned another fact today. It draws huge crowds! Who would’ve guessed?

I realize that paranormal, dystopian, and fantasy are hot items right now. My impression is that writers are pumping out these kind of stories like crazy. But more and more, I see on agent blogs and in interviews, that they wouldn’t mind seeing something else in their inbox. 

I admit, there is something appealing about angels and ghosts – a mystery surrounds these topics in real life that makes them interesting to write and read about. I’m sure there will be more of these published. (I love a fun or scary ghost story as long as I connect to the character.)

But what about unique story ideas that could still draw readers…kind of like Curling in the Olympics. I’m still amazed that there is such a sport. There must be good tension while watching the sport for it to draw such crowds.

What story ideas do you see as having untapped potential? Or does it really matter – as long as the writing skill is there, the reader connects to the character, and there is tension?

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