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Showing some book love and a confession.

Along with writing and doing the whole author thing, I’ve run across some fantastic stories. I love to read. I love to find a great story that I feel I haven’t read before. As you most likely know, the more we read or write, the harder it is to find these gems! So I thought I’d share them with you.

But first, on a side note, blogging buddy Sheri Larson posted a review of How To Survive Ancient Spells & Crazy Kings. (Thanks Sheri!) It made me very sad because I love that story but since my publisher closed it has lingered on my hard drive. I’m not sure if and when I’ll self publish it. There are many reasons why–too many to pontificate on here. This blog post is to share with you some book love!

The first one completely surprised me. I was like, right, I am not going to like a big thick book about an alien invasion I don’t care how much buzz it received. Then I happened to be at the library and decided to read just the first page. Pure curiosity. I read the first paragraph and plopped it into the library bag. Loved it! Read this big, thick book with 24 hours.


I should’ve called this blog post 1 post-apocalyptic and 4 fun contemporaries. I’ve been on a fun and flirty reading kick lately and here are some great ones I found.

This teen spy novel was on sale for 2.99 and I grabbed it. Very cute and right up my alley. Not like I’ve written about spies or anything.



Some books I read purely for voice. This story cracked me up! I laughed out loud in parts. I also loved the storytelling. I kept thinking I’d put it down but that never happened. The main character totally sucked me into her story.



 Okay, so superheroes? Eh. But I always like Kelly Oram’s stories. She’s an automatic buy for me, so I tried this one out. Again, the voice and storytelling drew me in and I look forward to reading the sequel.


This last one took me a while to pluck from the shelves. It has a nice cover but it doesn’t begin to cover the depth of this story. It was the most unique premise I’d read in a while. I enjoyed all the different point of views and how the author tackled the story and concept.


Hopefully, there’s something here you might enjoy if your reading tastes are somewhat similar to mine.

Confession: I still haven’t read The Fault in our Stars. I know, I know, everyone has to read it. I know it’s sad and every time I’m at the library I’m just not in the mood for a sad story. Maybe I’ll put it on my 2014 tbr list. Maybe.

That’s it for me. I’m signing off for the holidays. Let me know any good book recs in the comments! Even if it is about aliens. Have a great Christmas!

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What to expect from a killer blog series.

Just in case your eyes haven’t wandered over to my sidebar, to the very first image of the sidebar, I’ve added a button. (Yes, it took me a while to figure out how to scale the image so it fit!)

That’s right.

May 7th – May 25th you’re invited to a Spies, Murder and Mystery Marathon. Right here.

After pondering the topic of branding for about forever, I figured out that it’s this genre I love. Mysteries. Any kind. They can be funny, serious, deadly, for the young, for the old – you name it.

That’s what I love to read. That’s what I love to write. (Of course, I am a multi-faceted complex person so I do love other genres and books too. I mean, really, we’re people and created to enjoy many different things.)

Last year after the Roecker sisters released their first book, The Liar Society, I came to a conclusion. You can read about it here. Basically, I loved that they used their release to promote other books! I knew that’s what I would do.

I’m holding off on a blog tour. Instead I invited authors from every walk of publishing and some fab bloggers to participate in the blog series. I’ve already received the first guest post and it’s pretty cool. No, more like awesome.

And almost every single day there will be a giveaway! Signed paperbacks. eBooks galore.

I’ll keep you updated as the blog series grows. You’re not going to want to miss it!

Side note: I’m turning to you my fellow creative friends. Any fun ideas to promote a spy novel?

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