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How to be effective on Twitter – and a game!

It seems like the number of writers considering self-publishing an e-book is rising. And the number of writers following me on Twitter with a self-published book is rising too.

That’s wonderful. I don’t mind at all. Nice to meet you. I absolutely love that this opportunity is available for writers.

But please don’t send me an automated DM that says, ‘welcome and check out my book.’

Don’t start spamming the Twitterverse with links to your book – not if that’s the only thing you tweet about. Seriously. That won’t encourage me to buy your book at all.  And if you do it too much, I’ll unfollow you. Enough is enough.

Don’t keep linking reviews of your book every hour, announcing where you are on the ranking list because I don’t care.  #itsnothingpersonal #really

But I do care about you. I want to get to know you. Your personality. What do you blog about? I might check it out if it seems interesting. Tweet about a funny thing that happened to you. Interact with people. Comment on their blogs. Encourage them. Promote others. Retweet people.

Then I might be interested in your book and your rankings.

Twitter is not all about YOU. Or your book.  #sorry  #truthhurts

That being said, Heather Kelly created a fun new Twitter game. Right now, it’s called The Twitter Game.  #sooriginal We use different fun hashtags and anyone and everyone can join in. If you belong to Tweetdeck, you can click on the hashtag and create a column just for that hashtag. So you won’t miss any of the tweets. Here’s Heather’s original post introducing the game.

It’s a great icebreaker. People will see you and get to know you. And maybe follow you. But don’t do it just to sell your book or promote your blog. Do it to have fun and meet people. Because in this crazy journey to publishing filled with rejection we all need to laugh.

So join in the fun. Last week one hashtag was: #thingsiletmykidsdosoicanwrite

Today’s game and hashtag is #badquerytips

See you in the Twitterverse! And have fun!

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Marketing lessons from dear ole Santa.

Marketing lessons from the guy in the red suit.

1. Santa knows his brand and sticks to it. He doesn’t try to lose weight, even when tempted by the latest Zumba dvds. Because he knows the big ole belly is part of his image. And he never contemplates getting a mohawk or shaving his beard.

2. When kids complain about their presents, or forget about the presents he worked so hard to build, he doesn’t write a blog post complaining about it.

3. He doesn’t reveal his secrets, so there is always an air of mystery.

4. He knows his target audience. When people stop believing, at whatever age, he doesn’t try to convince them otherwise.

5. He knows branding takes time. After all, he spent thousands of years building it.

6. Once he created his brand, he didn’t stray from it. Winter is his thing. He doesn’t try and take over summer or spring or go Hawaiian or anything like that.

7. He didn’t go solo. He recruited a team: Mrs. Santa, Rudolph, the elves – and then helped promote them too.

8. He didn’t make the whole Santa thing about him. He made it about others and giving, thus incorporating his audience.

9. He never lets marketing take the place of making good solid toys.

10. After creating his image and product, he didn’t spread himself too thin by tweeting about the cold weather or the icicles that form on his beard.

11. He never has negative ad campaigns against other toy makers, thus perpetuating his image of kindness.

Any other Santa tips? Please, share.

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Navigating social media – the right way!

The first time I went to the NESCBWI conference I felt like a total dork.

I hadn’t started blogging, so I didn’t have any blogging friends to meet. My current critique groups hadn’t formed, so I didn’t have them to meet, even though they were there. I knew one person somewhat well and was just thankful she let me sit with her at lunch. But I survived.

And this year it was so much better. I knew people. And I got to know even more. I’ve never felt so connected with other writers and it truly makes me appreciate all of them. Writers truly are a group of very giving people.

So many conference goers have blogged about the NESCBWI conference. They’ve included quotes and some sage advice. I have to be honest. There were too many good quotes for me to quote. This would be a 5,000 word post. Or longer!

Today, I want to focus on one workshop. It was all about social media tips and techniques for using Twitter, Facebook, blogs…etc.

Mitali Perkins and Deborah Sloan co-taught the workshop. They knew what they were talking about. So if you’re confused about Twitter or not sure how to use it, or if you’ve crossed Facebook off your list – think again!

Here is the link to Mitali’s blog where she has made accessible the hand outs from the workshop. And she’s included a bunch of other helpful links. Check it out.

Thanks Mitalie and Deborah for sharing your wisdom!

To my readers, how do you feel about Twitter? Facebook? What are your questions about social media? (not that I can answer them)

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