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Friday 5 – Some rockin’ new MG and YA must-read blogs!

It must the cool breeze stirring up all the awesome new websites. Who realized that other writers were plotting and planning during the summer heat while I splashed around with my kids?

Without further ado, here are the rockin’ new websites I’ve stumbled upon.

Sleuths, Spies and Alibis

A group blog of middle grade and young adult authors talk about…you guessed it….mysteries. They post every day of the week with book reviews, writing prompts, guest authors, and writing tips. Sounds terrific!

YA Curator

Ever wondered how to find the good stuff worth reading with all the self published and small press titles? This group blogs does it for you. Every Wednesday they post a review. So far they’ve reviewed THE BOYFRIEND THIEF by Shana Norris, DREAM SMASHERS by Angela Carlie, and RED by Kait Nolan. They all look great! Worth checking out every week.

Reel YA

A website where YA books and movies rule. They’ll cover hot topics/open threads, movie news, guest posts, contests and movie/book reviews. They kicked off with vampire week and a guest post by Lisa Gail Green.

YA Confidential

I know you’ve heard of this one. They had 100 followers the first day! They’ll be about everything teen including teen spies, YA books, critiques, giveaways, round tables – pretty incredible with a lot of buzz. In fact, they’ve kicked off their blog with a HUGE agent critique and arc giveaway.

Book Recs of the Rock and Famous

Ever wanted to know what the stars are reading. Don’t look any farther than this blog by the rock star expert, Kelly Polark.


Do-it-yourself degree in Creative Writing.

This blog will cover How-to tips, in depth articles, and writing prompts. It will offer a newsletter and down the road some webinars. Many of us can’t afford to get our MFA but this might help. Looks interesting. It’s just getting started but worth checking out.

Any cool new blogs that I missed?

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