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I cracked the mystery of the short story.

Many of you probably have already realized the value in writing short stories. A few years ago the main purpose was to hopefully get published in a magazine and build up your credentials.

For some reason I never got into it. I was too busy writing my novels.

  • Editing my novels.
  • Researching the industry.
  • Researching agents.
  • Writing my query and synopsis.
  • Starting on my next book.

Deep down somewhere in the back farthest corner of my mind, I knew there was truth to what other authors advised.

With the short story.

When I joined the Indelibles, I learned they were publishing an anthology for Valentine’s Day featuring short stories and excerpts from our books but from the male point of view.

I thought. Wow. Cool. But my book isn’t out yet. I argued with myself. But what a great opportunity.

So I wrote it. I like a challenge.

Benefits of writing short stories.

  • Develop backstory.
  • Develop secondary characters.
  • Practice your craft and style of writing.
  • Practice a new genre.
  • Possibly self publish it.

Even if you decide not to self publish, the richness it might bring to your characters and your world is immeasurable.

More effective than writing out character charts. (For me.)

So have I just been way behind, or what? Do you write short stories? And why?

Shh Mommy’s reading did an absolutely incredible job of presenting the anthology with our pictures and some hilarious random facts, a list of the stories, her top three stories, and her 4 star rating.

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