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A most peculiar day…and book.

This little story would’ve been ready for a bright and early post today but Sunday morning we drove to the ocean for one last hurrah before school starts.

And it rained in sheets and curtains – and any other kind of way that is also a home furnishing that you’ll most likely only find in books. The windshield wipers were going like crazy and every mile we wondered if we were plain ole nuts for driving an hour and a half when we might have to turn around and go home.


We took a big risk because of the potential of something good happening.

Thirty minutes from Hampton State Beach. Still pouring. Buckets. Like the large gallon paint buckets.

Ten minutes away: extremely cloudy but no rain.

We pulled in to find about ten cars in the parking lot and a host of seagulls perching on the roofed picnic area. But no rain.

We managed to get on the beach, low tide, and found the wide expanse almost completely ours. It was incredible. The water was a high of almost 70, warm enough to lounge in the waves with just enough sun peeking through the clouds that we weren’t cold.

We stayed a good five hours! Total blast. Sandy, tired, exhausted but exhilarated we packed up to go home. Five minutes. FIVE! After we left the parking lot it down poured! People were sprinting from the beach in masses, huddling under any kind of overhang they could find.

Pretty amazing day.

Okay, but that’s not the real reason I didn’t write this post Sunday night. I was wrapped up in a book that I didn’t put down until I finished it. It was that good. A great plot with some literary writing that led me from paragraph to paragraph. One of the most unique books I’ve read this year.


Try it. You might like it. (And is it true that Tim Burton might be directing the movie? Can’t wait!)

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