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A #christmasfail and new releases!

I had dreams.

I envisioned the gasps and comments of my children’s friends at the cafeteria table. “Wow! What a fantastic dessert?” or “Can I have the recipe?” or “You’ve got the best mom ever!”

Well, you know what they say. Pride comes before a fall.

I mean how hard can it be to melt white chocolate chips? So with a smile, I happily broke up the Winter Oreo cookies, pretzel sticks, and joyfully added in the Christmas MnMs. All I had to do was pour the melted white chocolate over the mix. Presto–dessert! No baking necessary!

It started out fine. I put the bowl in the microwave, stirred, microwaved…etc. At first, it was working. Then I noticed that it stopped melting and was crumbling. Upon research, I later learned the term for what happened is called seizing. Basically, once you reach this point, the chocolate is ruined.

I was going to give up on melting white chocolate forever, but I will try once more. Soon. In a double boiler and see if that helps. Who know that white chocolate was so complicated?

Regardless, I hope your holiday baking has been more successful than mine!

On the publishing end, a lot has been happening in the past month or so. I have three books for you all–all at 99 cents for a short time.


Click the picture for Amazon–available for free on Kindle Unlimited!


Click the picture for Amazon–available for free on Kindle Unlimited!


Click the picture for Amazon–available for free on Kindle Unlimited!

That’s all for now. There’s one last Holly Hart cozy coming. Most likely to be released late January or early February. And, soon in the New Year, I’ll have a cover and blurb for a new humorous cozy mystery series. (That’s all I can say for now.)

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday!! Share any news or traumatic holiday cooking you may need to share! Or lie so I’ll feel better. 🙂

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Three free books and three finished series!

How often do friends, unknowingly, release the third book of their series at the same time? And have the first book for free? Maybe more often than we think. Check these incredible books out and get started with the first book – for FREE!

I’ll show the third book and you can click on the cover for more information. And right above, I’ll provide the link to the first book, which is free, most everywhere books are sold.

Prom Impossible FREE (by moi)

Here’s the final book in the series:

My beta reader and friend, Heather Sunseri released the third book in her best selling Mindspeak Series.

Download Mindspeak for Free!

And here’s the final book (with plans for a companion series)!

And, last but not least, Susan Kaye Quinn, friend and fellow Indelible, released book 3 in the Dharian Affairs Series.

Get started with Third Daughter FREE!

And here’s book 3! (Also with a companion series planned for the future.)

Enjoy these young adult books with adventure and romance!

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Prompossible Plans. A new release and a chance to win!

***Let’s celebrate! Win a $10 AMAZON GIFT CARD!!!***

Prompossible Plans is a new release! It’s the companion novella at 46k words to Prom Impossible.
Both ebooks are at 99 cents for a limited time.

Prompossible Plans: the guys have their say.

Follow Cassidy’s senior year from the perspective of Zeke, Jasper, and Michael as they fight their own battles, make mistakes, and fall for the same girl. 


HOW TO WIN: Click on this LINK and like, share, and comment on the post. 

Contest closes on Sunday. I’ll message the winner. Thanks so much for helping spread the news!


***Purchase links***

Prom Impossible: Amazon ~ Nook ~ Kobo ~ iTunes

Prompossible Plans: Amazon ~ Nook ~ Kobo ~ iTunes

If you could help spread the word that would be fantastic!


Easy Tweets:  (Just copy and paste.)

NEW RELEASE: Prompossible Plans! (Prom Impossible #2) #yalit #romance http://bit.ly/prompossible

WIN $10 gift card! Prompossible Plans. ON SALE 99 CENTS! #comingofage #humor http://bit.ly/1wIDcaX

#YA SALE! Prom Impossible and Prompossible Plans only 99 cents each! http://amzn.to/1oJuTH1 http://bit.ly/prompossible

Thank you and hope you win!!!

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NESCBWI and an official book release!

I’m finally recovering (sort of)  from a busy, incredible weekend at New England SCBWI.

Last night I tried to make blueberry streusel muffins. The key word being tried. I added double the amount of oil so had to try and double everything else. I dropped an egg. And then I forgot to add the topping before they baked.

I blame pure exhaustion and the fact that I’m still running on low.

But as always the conference was incredible. I got to hang with all my writing friends who over the years have turned into close friends. I met and roomed with my blogging friend Sue Quinn. I love meeting blogging friends! Plus, I sat in on her self publishing workshop. #awesome

Talking about writing and Indie publishing is always inspiring. And this year, on panels, agents stated that self-publishing is a viable path. Very different from two years ago. Times are changing. But we all knew that.

On top of all this, I released Prom Impossible a bit early to make sure it was ready to go for the Book Blast on May 13th! Yay! I had a lot of fun writing this story. I hope you love it too!

You can download Prom Impossible now!

Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ Kobo ~ iTunes (coming soon)

Thanks for stopping by! And have a great week!

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Prom Impossible Trailer Release!

Glad you came back! (From Friday) Or welcome if you’re just stopping by. So, I happened to create a trailer for Prom Impossible!

I also mentioned another way to win a complimentary ebook of Prom Impossible. 🙂 If you’d like to share the trailer, cover, and book blurb on your blog this week or next week, then you’ll not only receive an ebook, but a copy to giveaway to your blog followers too! I only ask that all giveaways end by April 25th.

You can share the link to your blog post with me through my contact form, and I’ll email you back the ebooks. Sound good?


1 girl + 1 prom + 3 guys = Prom Impossible

Cassidy knows that Michael Greenwood is her one true love—he just doesn’t know it. She spends her senior year helping him figure that out in time for senior prom but instead she comes close to losing her true identity, her real friends and the chance at the real thing that’s right in front of her.

Don’t forget about the big Indie Extravaganza Giveaway! Just scroll down to enter!

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