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Point of view ponderings.

First person. Third person deep. Third person distant. Third person limited. Third person express. Second person. Omniscient. Future tense. Past tense.

Yikes. Stop the rollercoaster I want to get off. And I was just kidding there is no third person express pov. I made that one up. But it sounds like it could be one. Doesn’t it?

We have so many choices. Different writers prefer different point of views. I thought I liked 3rd person deep pov. I don’t know why. I guess it’s just the one I started with and old habits die hard. But my past few manuscripts, after starting in 3rd person, I ended up switching over to first person. And once I did that, the story came alive for me. All of a sudden I had freedom to add in the type of narration that I enjoy writing and reading the most.

But I’m tackling a new story. And I realized that first person was just not going to work. (I don’t think.) Not with what I wanted to do. There were certain sides to the story that had to be told. But I still wanted the freedom that first person narration offered.

So, I discovered third person distant pov. I’m only revealing one character’s thoughts (no head hopping), but I’m taking advantage of the narration to add in my style and my humor. And I’m finding the freedom to reveal important clues and pieces of the story without constantly worrying about breaking that 3rd person deep pov.

Will it work? Will I do it right? Heck, I don’t know. Ask my crit partners in about a month when I start submitting. But I do feel great about one thing. I’m growing. I’m stretching my writing abilities, which means I’m going to learn. And that is the place I want to be.

What p.o.v do you prefer? And why?

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Choosing your story format.

American Idol was heartbreaking. But I’ve learned to expect that from Hollywood week. On the first round, they get one chance to sing a song, with or without an instrument. In the second round, they choose their own groups and have 12 hours to learn and choreograph the song – together. Talk about stressful.

First Round

Some talented singers chose the totally wrong song. They didn’t put in the prep work and forgot their lines – or they lost confidence and blanked. And they were out, just like that. Unfair? Maybe.

But maybe, even though they have talent, they weren’t ready. Maybe they didn’t know what genre of music was best for their voice. Maybe they didn’t know what kind of song would show off their skills in the twenty seconds they had to impress the agents   judges.

Second Round

My first reaction to the second round was to scream “unfair!” and shut the television off or mutter not-nice words about Simon. But the pressure of working with other singers drew out some good qualities and not-so-good qualities. Clearly, some would be easier to work with, than others.

Okay, so let’s be real. Pull up a chair. Do you think twice about your story format before you write the first draft. I never used to, but I do now.

What is story format?

To me, story format includes all the different methods used to tell a story. I would include on the list words like point of view, tone, and mood. And voice.

Point of view sticks out the most. If you want a personal intimate story than first person works well. If you want a storyteller feel to it, then 3rd person limited or ominscient might work.

And you have to look at your story, your character. Only you can decide how the story will best be told. The style that will accentuate your skills and make your characters come alive.

And the more you grow as a writer, the more you realize this before sitting down to a first draft. Even though it might change on a rewriting. And the more you read and write, the more your writer’s ear develops.

What do you think about before choosing a format for your story?

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