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Book picks for Santa

Dear Santa,

I know you’re a busy guy. Especially with your big ride through the sky coming up. So, I’m not going to add to your list of last minutes gifts to buy on Amazon. You’ve got to be the real reason they do so well – and not the Kindle. Just kidding. I’m sure you make all your toys from scratch, just like I make all my holiday cookies.

I was thinking you might be looking for a good book to read during pit stops. Or late at night, if you’re not snoozing by the fire. Or if you’re stuck on the design for a new toy. Here’s just a few of my choices for you.

WAKE by Lisa McMann

I haven’t quite figured out how you know what everyone wants, but in case you struggle with that, this book offers a suggestion. Just fly over people’s houses during the night, pop into their dreams, and see what they want. Just watch out for the naked and I’m falling dreams, because if this happens up in the sleigh, you really could be falling.


You might want to know what your impish relatives are up to. With the publication of this book, people will be prepared. You really should know what you might be up against this year. Ya know, just in case. Or you might want to pass on a few of your entry/exit tips to the gnomes. Are you even related to gnomes? Not sure about that one.

THE NAUGHTY LIST by Suzanne Young

I’m sure you don’t really put anyone on the naughty list. Right? This book might help you out in that area. Or maybe not. You might find some helpful tips on protocols and guidelines for deciding who’s naughty.

And this last one is for Mrs. Claus.


No doubt you know that paranormal romance is hot right now in the YA book market. By the way, do you print books up in the pole? Have you ever thought about being a literary agent? Just wondering. If you ever need a ghost writer for your memoirs, shoot me a DM on Twitter. I’m sure Mrs. Claus is up to ears with paranormal creatures – as in she’s practically married to one. Again, are you an elf or a dwarf? Or a short man? And she probably gets tired of dealing with elf problems in the factory.

Anyway, she’ll love this contemporary romance – no elves, vampires, or werewolves, I promise. Alex Fuentes is plain hot but very realistic, flaws and everything. In fact, he’s probably been on the naughty list before. And it’s also a wonderful story of sacrifice for the one you love, and I’m sure she sacrifices a lot in her position. I suggest a weekly date night with her to keep up the old romance. And Santa, that doesn’t mean a tour through the factory. Please.

Hope you enjoy the suggestions. Do you wear a parachute when riding in the sleigh? Just wondering.

I’m sure Santa could use some more suggestions. And all the elves might be looking for gift ideas too.

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