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Books, books and more books!

A few years there were only a couple places I found books. My library at the time didn’t have an updated teen section. I’d be lucky to see a new release (I wanted) within six months of release. But I still hoped to find something new on my weekly visits. I also browsed Amazon and purchased books there or drastically on sale at a bookstore.

I didn’t read as much then either. And cost did play a role.

Jump forward a couple years later to the present.

I can’t even begin to read all the books I want to.


  • Library (Someone new started ordering books and almost all the new releases are there.)
  • Overdrive (Wow! A huge selection of books I can barely make a dent in.)
  • Amazon – Self-published books. (I can buy twice the number of books, sometimes more, and I read samples so I usually know I’ll enjoy them.)
  • Amazon – free books. (No I don’t read all of them but I test them out and often read the entire thing.)

As a reader I’m loving it. I always have a book I want to read either in my library bag or on my Kindle. And I’m falling drastically behind. And not because I don’t want to read the book or because I don’t read a lot!

How about you? Where do your books come from?

(Come back on Wednesday for my review of Anna Staniszewski’s new release!)

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