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My flashback weekend at #NESCBWI

Laughing with friends. Camaraderie. Encouragement.

Watching friends (Kris Asselin) speak on a panel of agents and authors. Very cool.

Meeting new authors/writers/illustrators/agents.

Sitting in on a two-hour workshop on ebook coding, which was cool because I knew what he was talking about but it also was extremely helpful.

Listening to Kate Messner share about her TED talk, which was incredible. The take away? Don’t be scared of new things. If you’re scared – it might be good.

Talking about the latest Twilight fan fiction controversy. Maybe it’s because we were all so tired but I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

Swapping books with friends and leaving with new books! Yay! Definitely going to do that again! Except my TBR pile didn’t shrink.

Realizing how incredible the top organizers of these conferences truly are. Make sure you say thank you and give yours a hug.

You might be wondering if anyone talked about self publishing or what kind of reaction I received. I’ll let you know on Thursday.

It’s time to write after an inspiring weekend. How was your weekend?

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