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Chocolate, Twizzlers, Hot Cocoa and Nano.

Every year I see tweets and talk about Nano and I truly want to join in the excitement and put the badge on my blog and use it as an excuse to binge buy things like chocolate and twizzlers and hot cocoa to get me through the Nano experience.

But alas.

Nano has never fit into my schedule. I’m either rewriting or revising or I’m already in the middle of a first draft. This year I am in the middle of a draft and I’m past the midpoint. I highly doubt that the second half will be 50 thousand words, so I can’t even be a rebel and have already started.

When it comes to Nano, I never thought I could write that many words in a month, but as the years have gone by and I write more and more and know my rhythm of writing, I realize I can do it. In fact, I did complete Nano in that I reached 50k words in October. Just a month too early. It comes down to about 2-3 thousand words a day. And that is possible. Especially if you know where your story is going.

So even though I can’t officially participate, good luck to everyone! Though, I guess I could still invest in some Twizzlers…

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