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When will middle grade eBooks take off? (And some recommendations!)

Some think middle grade eBooks will skyrocket soon after the Holidays when parents pass on their ereader devices to their kids after they receive newer versions.

Maybe. Maybe not.

As a parent, I’d much rather pass my Kindle to my child in a waiting room or in the car than let him play video games. That I know.

Here are two younger middle grade books that kids will enjoy. I’ve read them both and highly recommend!


Molly Gumnut saves a baby bandicoot and is willing to risk it all to keep him safe. Molly is a feisty little girl who gets into adventure after adventure! When she takes him on a journey to find him a safe home she puts them both in danger.

BORN TO BE A DRAGON by Eisley Jacobs

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup…

This is what Lord Edric wants you to believe. He will do anything in his power to see that humans never come in contact with dragons again. However, he doesn’t plan for Meia, the foster child who dreams of dragons, believing they are real. Or Deglan, the ten-year-old dragon who bears the ancient mark that threatens everything Lord Edric has worked for.

Join these two unlikely friends as they discover the truth behind a legend so extraordinary it will alter each of their lives… forever.

These next two are for the upper middle grades or advanced readers.

A SCARY GOOD BOOK by Anita Laydon Miller

Twelve-year-old Hannah Stone tells everyone she’s “okay,” but that’s a total lie. Two years ago her dad was killed by a hit-and-run driver. The detective in charge of the case never found the driver, but he somehow managed to get Hannah’s mom to fall in love with him. The jerk. And speaking of love, Hannah’s developed a major crush on Ollie Ortega—he’s her best friend and the only one she can talk to—a crush on Ollie is so not a good idea.

Also not a good idea? Searching for a missing person with no help from the police. But that’s exactly what Hannah does when she finds messages in library books—underlined words that point her in the direction of someone who needs her.

And, suddenly, Hannah’s even further from okay. She breaks into a library, gets caught in a kidnapper’s web, and is stalked by her dad’s killer, all in an effort to save a life…but can she save herself, too?

QI (Book of the Baba Yaga) by Elizabeth A. Svigar

Thirteen-year-old uber-archer Samantha is thrilled to qualify for Xenith, the most prestigious — and mysterious — Olympic training facility in the world. Much more than an athletic camp, it’s a fantasyland where living dolls and the Baba Yaga abound. Plus there’s Dr. Nine, a master alchemist whose magical laboratory is very well guarded indeed. But not all that glitters is Olympic gold. When dangerous secrets begin to surface, Sam must fight to expose Xenith’s dark underbelly to save her friends and family…if she survives herself.

The only one I haven’t read is A SCARY GOOD BOOK but that will soon change!

Have you read any middle grade eBooks? And how long do you think before this market explodes? Tick, tick, tick.

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