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Plot and LOST and Unanswered questions.

A plane crash. Fate vs. Choice. Survival. Secret societies. Kidnappings. Time travel. Immortals. Ghosts. Captivating setting. Love triangles. Pushing a button or the world explodes. Miraculous healings. Deserted ships and planes. Betrayal and revenge. A strange statue. World mythologies. Flashbacks. Three dimensional characters. A moving island. A smoke monster. Romance. Tragedy. Humor. Heartbreak.

Sounds like a good book, doesn’t it? One that each time you read it, you’d catch more and understand more. Layers and layers of storytelling.

LOST did so many things right to hold viewers captivated week by week. They’d answer one question and introduce another.  

But, all that said, there were dropped story threads and unanswered questions. So many, I can’t even remember them all.

Here are my questions:

  • What did the numbers have to do with everything?
  • Why wasn’t Anna Lucia included in the church at the end?
  • Charles Widmore didn’t seem to play as big as part in the show as I thought. What’s up with that?
  • What happened to Walt? Poor kid.
  • Why didn’t Hurley have a reunion with Libby?

Time to vent. What were your unanswered questions. Or, what aspect of the plotting did you like and can apply to your own writing?

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