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To create or not to create a small press.

That is the question, right?

At first, the idea of creating a small press can be quite overwhelming. I mean we’re authors and authors write. So when contemplating this question, flashes of panic might intermittently strike at odd times of the day. But don’t worry.

Breathe deep.

And sit in front of your computer. Place your fingers on your keyboard and remember: Google is your friend.

That’s where I found most of my info. Also links on Twitter. Asking other authors. Just don’t Google how to create a cider press because then you’ll be making apple cider, not books.

Again, as with every single decision in the self-publishing journey it depends on your goals. I created a small press specifically as a DBA (doing business as) name with a separate bank account. But that’s me. The state of New Hampshire does not charge a big fee to do this where some states do. And after much debate I decided to print with Lightning Source so I could earn more per book. Yes it is a more complicated process and yes it costs more money to set up.

So there are pros and cons.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with printing books through Createspace and putting your name down as the publisher. Nothing.

I saw some arguments that the print quality is better with Lightning Source, but most Createspace authors are completely happy. If and when a book starts selling well on Amazon through LS, Amazon says it’s out of stock or will take a few weeks to deliver. But most of us don’t need to worry about that because most of us sell more ebooks than print.

And one last thing to consider. Before going official with your small press name make sure to Google it. I came up with some fun names, but, um, they had not so nice meanings. And I thought I was completely making them up. Nope.

Any questions? Even if you’re not considering self publishing any thoughts? Do you own a cider press? Do you even like apple cider?

(And this is totally unofficial because my release date is technically not until May 7th but A Spy Like Me is live on Amazon and Smashwords and will be soon on Barnes and Noble. Eek!)

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