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Stop, drop and read. When do you drop everything for a book?

When do you drop everything, even the books you’re reading, to read a different book?

Well, I did that this weekend. Recently I’ve had numerous books I’ve been reading on my Kindle. I like all of them and want to finish them. But I brought my sons into the library because the summer reading program was coming to an end and they had to get their last coupons because, of course, the last ones are the best: to Dunkin’ Donuts and an ice cream shop.

I strolled through the middle grade section without much hope. Recently, my interest in reading middle grade has dropped. Maybe because it’s not what I’m currently writing or maybe because the MG I like is on the literary side, which means adults probably enjoy the stories more than the kids. These books don’t take off with the kids but they win awards and get on lists and get bought by libraries and bookstores.

There’s this one MG I’ve been wanting to read but to be honest, I was waiting and hoping that eventually my library would order it. In fact, I figured it was just a matter of time before this book caught the eye of our librarian. I’m a patient reader.

Finally, it came in. I’ve enjoyed this author’s young adult and I loved the personal story behind this particular book.

Since I’ve read the first chapter, I’ve dropped everything else I’ve been reading to finish this book. Gorgeous writing. Great characters.

If you Google this book and go to images, you’ll see some of the beautiful illustrations that are sprinkled throughout the story.

When was the last time you dropped all the book/s you were reading to read a different book? And what book was it for?

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