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10 Reasons to read Camille McPhee Fell Under the Bus.

Camille McPhee Fell Under the Bus by Kristen Tracy

Great one line pitch from inside the book: Ten-year-old Camille McPhee relates the ups and downs of her fourth grade year at her Idaho elementary school as she tries to adjust to the absence of her best friend, maintain control of her low blood sugar, cope with the intensifying conflict between her parents, and understand the importance of honesty and fairness.

Okay, here we go:

  1. Awesome title.
  2. Super colorful and appealing cover – just makes you want to read it.
  3. Who wouldn’t want to read about how a girl falls under the bus?
  4. A realistic and believable and funny mg voice.
  5. Fresh twist on Camille not being the one to move away but being the one left behind.
  6. Camille has to give up her cat for a friend – which is a very hard thing to do.
  7. Lies, lies, and more lies. Everyone lies – even the parents.
  8. Parent’s conflict is realistic and done extremely well.
  9. Camille’s troubles keep getting worse and worse.
  10. Lots of humor. Lots of emotion. A moving and satisfying ending.

What great books – YA or MG – have you read lately? Give us 3 reasons!

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