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Don’t succumb to the kitty pictures!


It started slowly. A kitty picture here. A kitty picture there. Here a kitty, there a kitty, everywhere a kitty kitty.

These weren’t normal kitties. They were pictures of kitties dressed up and the pictures had text on them.

Bloggers love them.

Because kitties are so cute.


Again, this stretches back to another psycho animal in my life, actually two.

I once lived in a wonderfully cozy apartment (that’s how I choose to remember it) with a particularly nosy brave mole that had me walking around in boots and jumping from furniture to furniture to cross a room.

My downstairs neighbors, from the kindness of their heart, brought me a barn cat. And I didn’t have the guts to say no thanks.

The cat was completely crazy. It whined at my door all night. It stared at me with evil eyes from across the room. It couldn’t retract its claws and loved to jump all over me so I was forced to wear heavy clothing all day.

Yeah, didn’t quite work out for me.

But hey, if you think those kitty pictures are cute. Go for it.

Then I figured out where all the kitty pictures were coming from. My daughter has a google reader account. And guess what she spends her time doing?

Looking at kitty pictures! Mystery solved.

So I’m pretty sure you will never see kitty pictures here on the blog.

I declare this KITTY FREE ZONE!

Phew. I feel a lot better now.

Have a terrific weekend.

Congrats to my friend Addison Moore who’s fifth book, VEX, in her Celestrial series released at number one in several charts with an Amazon ranking of lower than 100! Congrats Addison. Check out Ethereal, the first book, to find out what the craze is all about.

And congrats to Shelli for reaching number 10 on the hot new releases with Untraceable. Come back next week for my thoughts and for some thriller tips from Shelli.

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