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Ebooks, Kindles, and all that jazz

For the past couple years I’ve been sitting back, already mourning the loss of the print book in my hand while I press my nose to the pages and breathe in the scent of book. Maybe they can make a scratch and sniff Kindle.

On that note, my Kindle arrived today. It feels awkward in my hand. It’s weird to press a button to turn the page. How will I tell when I’m close to the middle of the book? I always pay attention to the middle to see how other writers deal with that saggy part. And that’s how I know a big twist or reveal is coming soon. Laura’s Kindle is charging right now, but I’ll be reading tonight. Too soon to tell my opinion on it yet.

I will purchase some books on Kindle. I will get some from the library. I’ll borrow some. I’ll buy some hard covers from Indie. I’ll buy paperbacks from Borders, and I’ll buy older used books on Amazon for like .01 cent. And 3.99 shipping. Because of all these options, I’ll end up buying and reading more than if I just bought from a bookstore.

Technology will mean more sales in the long run for certain books. And more sales equals more word of mouth.

So tonight, with the smell of plastic wafting in the air, I will press click and hopefully lose myself in the screen of a good e-reader device. (And that doesn’t sound nearly as good as lose myself in the pages of a book. For the record.)

What do you think about ebooks, Kindles, and all that jazz?

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