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Confessions from the Realm of the Underworld – a giveaway!

I opened to page one of…


And found…

Okay. I found crazy voice all over the place.

Here’s an example from the chapter titles:

A Prologue of Sorts

In Which Sephie Tries to Explain How Her Crazy English Teacher Finagled Her into This Mess.

The main character Persephone (all her sisters are named after characters in Greek mythology-loved it) enters her senior year and everything changes. Her grandfather is losing his house. One of her sisters plays a starring role in the local high school scandal. Even things with her best friend Joey aren’t the same.

Sephie must deal with all the changes in her life while figuring out who and what she wants to be.

I’ll be honest. As I was reading the first quarter, I kept waiting for Sephie to figure out she was really Athena, her boyfriend was Zeus, and her teacher was Hades and they’d fall in love in some kind of weird triangle.

So not what happened. But in a wonderful and sweet way.

Laura’s natural writing style, Sephie’s voice and her complicated but real family (all present and accounted for – no mysterious disappearances or deaths – ) all drew me into this three-dimensional story. I was in tears on and off through the whole entire second half. Maybe because it was so realistic. The character could’ve been me. It could’ve been my sister. It could’ve been my friend.

I just know I loved it. And I want you to have the chance to read it too.

Comment on this post and retweet, and I’ll choose a random winner to receive the paperback from the author.

Never fear, click here to purchase from Amazon. You won’t regret it.

Head over to Laura’s website and check her out.

Have you read any good epublished books lately? Or traditionally pubbed?

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