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Judy Blume in tweets (from LASCBWI) and a winner!

Before we get to the awesomeness that is Judy Blume, we have a winner for P.J. Hoover’s SOLSTICE!

Jessica Bell!!! (I’ll send your email along to P.J. ) Congrats!

The following are quotes from Judy Blume tweeted from LASCBWI. Enjoy!

@storyconnection:  “I don’t think abt my legacy. That’s dangerous. But I want a tombstone that says, ‘Are u there God? It’s me, Judy.’”

@mbrockenbrough: “Telling a story is a quest. And questing involves questioning, doesn’t it?

@story connection: “I started writing not knowing what I was doing. That’s good.”

@LPP_Media: On self-censorship: “If it’s there because it’s important to the story or the character, include it.”

@alicepope: “Everybody who writes has to get out there and listen and observe.”

@shanasilver: Dialogue is the only thing @judyblume likes to write. She likes juxtaposing what they’re thinking versus what they’re saying.

@lishacauthen: “If I get up every morning and am excited to be in my little room with my characters I know I’m on to something.”

@mbrockenbrough: Judy Blume is 73. “We’re going to get her skincare regime shortly,” says Lin Oliver.

@LPP_Media: “How do you know how to write books if you don’t read books? Write the kind of books you like to read.”

@storyconnection: “Whatever works for you is the right way.”

@mbrockenbrough: “The first draft is finding the pieces to the puzzle. The next draft is putting the puzzle together.

@storyconnection: “Get yourself through it and write a whole draft.”

@story connection: “The stuff that matter, that works for you readers, comes from deep, deep inside.”

@ErinDealey: “I wanted to be the next Dr. Seuss. I wrote terribly awful rhymed pic books.”

@mbrockenbrough: “It never gets easier. The only thing that gets easier is that I know how to do this now.”

@alicepope: “It was fun to say, ‘I was the most banned author in America.”

@margorowder: “I open a book on the day something different happens.”

@alicepope: The first time Judy Blume got a rejection, she went into the closet and cried.

@mbrockenbrough: “It’s determination as much as any kind of talent that’s going to get you there.”

Which is you favorite one?

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