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Indie Life – We all need encouragement!

Welcome to Indie Life, a blog hop, started by the Indelibles where Indie authors share a bit on the life of being a self published author!

It doesn’t matter what road to publishing you travel or how you decide to publish. All authors and writers are in this together. We all want to feel encouraged during the down times, to keep pushing through and writing regardless of bad news. We all need to stay realistic even after we’ve reached our goals. In a total contradictory way, we need to keep dreaming and putting out hearts into our stories. We need to love writing and continue to with every story premise we decide to write.

My short and simple message is – be encouraged! Wherever you are on the journey, you can do this!

On that note: Indiestructable is a compilation of essays from Indie authors, sharing their tips, their thoughts and their encouragement. All the profits go to the charity, Build On.

Here’s a guest post by Jessica Bell, the editor.

The day I realized I’d been obsessing over my sales figures way too much was the day I closed my eyes and tried to think about the real reason I am an indie author.

Is my primary goal to make money? No. So why do I keep obsessing over my sales stats? I realized it’s because more sales means more people reading my work. What I really really want is to be read. I want to share the one thing in this world I would cut my fingers off for. I know. If I didn’t have any fingers, I wouldn’t be able to physically write, but you know what I mean.

My passion for writing comes with a perpetual replacement button, attached to my side seam, just in case it becomes unraveled, and falls off, after a day gallivanting through the publishing jungle. It can be tough in there, but in the end, being an indie author is OH SO WORTH IT.

This made me wonder …  what’s everybody else’s story?

Then Indiestructible was born.


This is not a how-to guide. This is the best of the indie tradition of experienced authors paying forward what they’ve learned, giving you information to help you on your journey. The personal essays in this book will leave you itching to get your work into the hands of readers and experience, first-hand, all the rewards indie publishing has to offer.

Not only is this anthology packed full of interesting, unique, and genuinely helpful information, and totally worth the 99c (only 99c!!!), 100% of proceeds will be donated to BUILDON.org, a movement which breaks the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education.

Pretty amazing, huh?

What are you waiting for?

Buy Indiestructible—support the indie author and an amazing charity—TODAY!


 Thanks everyone! Click back to the Indelibles blog for more Indie Life posts!


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STRING BRIDGE and my ultimate confession.

So, I have this blogger friend. I’m pretty sure you know her because she’s super fun and so honest in her blog posts and has a ton of followers.

She writes for adults. I write for children. She lives across the world from me. I’ve been watching her publishing journey. I know she writes gritty literary women’s fiction filled with brutal honesty.

The blog post I remember the most is where she talked about her epiphany. That she didn’t have to keep beating down the door of New York publishing. She went with a small press and from what I can tell she’s been loving it.

She has this incredible singing voice and I watch her book trailer just so I can listen to her sing and feel the emotion, which is raw and powerful. I have a feeling her writing is the same way.

You may have heard of her. Her name is Jessica Bell, and she wrote STRING BRIDGE.

Today is the Amazon chart rush and she was kind enough to send me the copy and paste thingy to say but it’s all in html code, which I guess Blogger will translate for you but I had no clue with word press. So I’m making up my own thingy. I have no idea what she really wanted me to say but I hope this will do.

I haven’t read String Bridge yet but I know I will. All the information is below!

Jessica – best of luck with STRING BRIDGE!


Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/String-Bridge-ebook/dp/B005Y48DF6

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/String-Bridge-ebook/dp/B005Y48DF6


Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/String-Bridge-Jessica-Bell/dp/0984631747

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/String-Bridge-Jessica-Bell/dp/0984631747/

website: http://www.jessicacbell.com/

String Bridge (a novel): http://www.stringbridge.com/

retreat & workshop site: http://hwrw.blogspot.com/

blog: http://thealliterativeallomorph.blogspot.com/

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/author.jessica.bell

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MsBessieBell

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