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The Meanie Greenies.

Christina Katz coined the phrase “meanie greenie” in her newsletter, and I loved it. The meanie greenies are something all writers fight against.

Or at least I do. Sometimes.

I rejoice with fellow writers when they sign an agent or sell their hundredth book. I love promoting and seeing authors reach their dreams. Because we’re a community, here to encourage each other during the down times and celebrate good news.

But of course, there is that still small voice whispering in the back of my thoughts. And it’s not the voice of … my inner editor.



“Nice turn of phase you got there.”



“I’m stumped. Go catch some zzzs.”


“Get in there and get the job done. Kill those darlings.”

No, it’s the voice of someone else. Or something else.



He whispers his evil words.


“AHH! Sssssomeone elsssse sssigned with an agent.”

So, yeah, sometimes I feel the meanie greenies, aka jealousy.

I’m just keepin’ it real.

And there is just something very wrong about having Leo and Gollum in the same post.

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