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INDIE-kissing – A SPY LIKE ME.

Welcome! And Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is all about kissing. I’m participating in the INDIE-kissing blogfest. And it’s never too late to join!

Here’s a scene from A SPY LIKE ME. The first book in the Circle of Spies Series.


“Great. I’ve got people trying to kill—”

He pulled me to him and his mouth covered mine. I fought back at first but he wouldn’t let go and my defenses crumbled. Heat washed over me as his kiss deepened. His body pressed into mine. I stifled a tiny groan of pain and pleasure. The vodka had pretty much numbed any feeling in my leg. His kiss deepened again, and it was better than eating a triple peanut butter chocolate ice cream cone in Pennsylvania or skinny-dipping in the creek when it reached 100 degrees.

His kiss softened. He was gentle and loving, like he cared. His hand grazed my cheek. His past, my past, our families all faded. It was just me and him. Malcolm and Savvy. Two teens.

My heart broke a little bit. I don’t even know why. Maybe because I could add one more person to the list of people I cared about who would betray me and leave me. One more person I cared about more than they did me.

His hands slid down my back to the hem of my shirt. In one suave lift, my shirt was off.

My hands roamed across his chest, exploring. He tenderly ran his fingers down my arm, and I shivered.

He whispered in my ear, “God help me, you’re beautiful. Even with frosting in your hair.”

The words sank in and something broke. The cracks in my heart that I’d plastered and put Band-aids on tore open. Emotion flooded out and filled every inch of my body. My face was wet with tears.

He pulled away and kissed them. “In my line of work, you can’t care about anyone too much. It can get you killed.”

“That’s good, because I don’t care about you. The tears are purely a post-traumatic side effect of getting shot.”

At least I was pretty sure my life wouldn’t end tonight.


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Superbowl Sunday has definitely become a family tradition for us. My kids know what to expect and if we don’t deliver, we’d be in trouble. For me, it’s precious family time that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Even if the Patriots did lose in the play offs.

The list of food is crazy (okay, not that crazy) and it’s just for my family and my dad. Chili, chicken wings, veggie dip, cheese curls. I’m not sure how the cheese curls managed to sneak into the menu. I think that was the influence of my sons.

This time my husband made homemade mozzarella sticks, and I do believe they’ll become part of the tradition.

We’ve been invited to other homes, but we turn it down. Not that it wouldn’t be fun to be with friends, but a certain member of my household likes to actually watch the game. He doesn’t like to talk while glancing occasionally at the television.

So we’re at home and will continue to be.

But it got me thinking as to how huge a role traditions play in our lives. So many of our childhood memories are based in them. They become important and how dare we try anything different or change them.

I think that’s why it was and is so hard for some writers to accept or experiment with self-publishing. We’re breaking tradition. And that’s always hard. Whether it’s trying a new revising technique, or a new genre, or…etc. The list goes on.

Favorite commercial (from the ones I saw): The old people going out and partying. I can’t even remember what the commercial was for.

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What are some of your favorite traditions?

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Kissing + blogfest = fun promotion! Sign up today!

I scroll through Twitter for interesting posts to click. I sigh and yawn. Titles flash by that I’ve seen recycled in the past year. Whether it be about marketing or self publishing or the top five things you have to do to keep a pet hair-free house or have an elephant for a pet. Weighty topics like that.


I’ll skim marketing posts and feel so overwhelmed at the way some professionals describe what must be done, it’s a wonder anyone tries to publish a book, either traditionally or on their own. I usually say I don’t do much of any marketing, but really that’s not true.

I choose to participate in marketing and promotional events that require the least amount of effort and that will be long lasting. Like cross promotion. Like a free short story or a companion novella. Like wearing a cardboard sign with my book cover on it and walking around my local mall.

Of course, I make smaller efforts when it’s appealing to me. Like if there happened to be a blogfest that had to do with kissing. I mean what  a great idea with Valentine’s Day coming up.

Oh, wait. There is one like that! (Like how I snuck that in there?)


Join us for an INDIE-kissing blogfest!

Who can join?       Absolutely anyone!

When is it?     February 14th!

Head on over to the Indelible blog to sign up with the linky link.


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