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WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE! Rewards offered.

Heather Kelly WANTS you!

Enter a fun contest creating Wanted posters for your favorite books! Post them to your blog. Then link to the bloghop on Heather’s blog!

I believe there will be rewards.

Wanted: Futuristic sci-fi story about a teen girl with a secret power: the ability to mind jack or control minds. Dangerous. Proceed with caution.

Wanted: A fun, charming YA about a girl with a disastrous prom night and how she lived to tell the tale.

Wanted: A hilarious but moving YA mystery starring a spunky sleuth who lost her best friend and is out to find out why!

Wanted: YA short stories and excerpts filled with swoon-worthy male leads from Indelible Indie books.

Head on over to Heather’s and help promote your favorite books!

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Finding Inspiration.

I really struggled with what to say for this first post of the New Year, meaning I’ve sat here, writing, deleting, writing, deleting. What to say? How to encourage?

Oh, the pressure, the pressure.

So I decided to tell a story.

Years ago, I worked for my church as the Children’s Ministry Director. It was my first year. My goals were small. Running a big outreach kind of ministry was but a speck in the distance.

The pastor’s wife suggested Vacation Bible School.

So I directed my first and only VBS.

I put in my hours researching and chose what to this day I still consider the best VBS curriculum available.

I planned. I organized. I joined forums. I learned shortcuts.

I signed volunteers. I delegated as much as I could but did most of the work myself.

Let me tell you, I put on an incredible VBS. I memorized all the songs and the actions. I bought materials. I took pictures and created a slideshow.

I was exhausted. But I did it right.

I learned a lot from that experience. Life lessons that carry over to today. (The biggest one being – when to say no.)

Many things will change for me in 2012. Good things. Terrific things. Scary and inspiring things.

I’m researching. I’m planning. I’m organizing.

I will be self publishing this year. My YA novel. (Some of you already knew this.)

And I’ve never been so inspired.

Going back to my VBS experience, I thrive on a challenge and organizing. I thrive on doing something the right way. I thrive on learning.

It’s been a whirlwind. Taking new author photos. Accepting an invite to a new indie and self-published author blog – The Indelibles – to launch in January.

And writing a short story from the pov of my male lead for an anthology.

IN HIS EYES will release on February 14th. A bunch of fantastic writers all sharing a piece of their stories with you. Check it out on Goodreads.

I hope you find your mojo this year. Your inspiration. Your goals. Whether succeed or fail – even failure is success if we learn and keep forging ahead.

I invite you on this crazy journey with me because I know I can’t do it alone.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I’m choosing my next Plot Busters novel. Middle grade, I think. Commercial. Funny. You’ll have to wait until next Monday!

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