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Friday 5 – The iBook Author App and agents as publishers.

1. The iBook Author App has had me excited since it was announced. One author has already fooled around with it and loved it. And her book is on sale. Check out her thoughts on it.

2. Fortunately, I have a Mac.

3. Unfortunately, I need to upgrade to Lion. (30 dollars) (I can do that.)

4. Unfortunately, I don’t have an iPad and don’t know when I will. But I have connections and when the time is right I can borrow one to preview any iBooks. But honestly? My focus right now is self publishing my first book. I’m excited to learn coding (the nerd in me). My computer teacher from high school would faint because I could not program at all. The kind boy next to me passed the class for me. But this feels different, a bit easier than C+.

So I’ll upgrade and experiment someday, it just won’t be right now. But sometimes it’s hard to shut off my brain. I’ve never been so inspired to write. (But that’s partly due to my decision to self publish too.)

5. And the ARR announced that agents as publishers is a conflict of interest! Kristin Nelson posted about it today. And in the future she will talk about her agency’s model, which has been approved!

My kids are home today because of icy roads. I’m signing off for the morning to get some writing in and them help them with at-home school work so we don’t have to make up this day at the end of the year! I’ll be visiting everyone later! Have a good one!

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Will the new Apple author app revolutionize education? (Or not.)

Over Christmas I chatted with an extended family member about iPads. Her job is to work with teachers and help them transition to a new teaching model. Of course, using enhanced textbooks on the iPad.

The mission isn’t for each child to have an iPad. But one tablet per 3-4 kids. The iPad would be a station. The other rotations would include other modes of teaching – hands on, writing…etc.

I tried to hide my doubt at this concept. Computers were supposed to revolutionize teaching too. But did it happen?


Where I live, each classroom has 2-3 computers – Macs of course. From what I can see – and it might be different where you live – computers in the elementary classrooms are used for the following reasons:

  • Advanced reader quizzes
  • Educational video games (Cool Math, Study Island…etc)
  • At times, a child might work on a simple Power Point project.

I believe many teachers are willing to embrace technology and new ways of teaching but change requires a big learning curve and a lot more work. It won’t happen overnight. Teachers? What do you think?

Then Apple comes out with this new author app. It sounds incredible! Yes, I’m excited, drooling, anticipating the chance to create cool stuff.

The focus is on education. But this app gives authors the opportunity to create enhanced ebooks. Just think what nonfiction authors could do with this? Teachers? Travel writers who have video and photos?

There are some bottom line issues that are confusing. Distribution issues. We’ll see how that plays out.

I don’t know what will happen in the future. Will this really revolutionize education? (Honestly, I’m way more excited for what this app means to authors!)

What do you think?

If you want to know what people are up in arms about check out the Passive Guy’s post on it. People don’t fully understand the terms. I think that once you create the file, you can only sell that enhanced ebook through iBooks. But you can use the text and sell your book with other retailers – just not the enhanced version. But I could be wrong.

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