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Tips on blog reading and commenting.

G is for Google Reader and why did I wait so long? I have no freaking clue.

I’ve separated blogs that I follow into categories and I know right away when there are new posts, instead of trying to find their tweets or their links. Talk about a time saver.

Seriously? I go through and comment on about double the blogs I used to in the same amount of time.

I used to think that I could only read with Google Reader, and I comment on blogs too. Then I learned that by pressing the v key – the blog would open up so I could comment.

Pretty incredible and convenient. Now I don’t miss any posts.

And this is where the important part comes in. I might end up falling away from your blog if you don’t have an RSS feed button. I could drag the link over and I will. But if your RSS button works – it saves people a lot of time.

Read this enlightening post by Rachael Harrie that explains it all.

How do you keep up with your blog reading and commenting? Any other tricks I’ve missed?

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