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Practice, practice, practice – how do you practice?

I’ve coached my daughter’s soccer team for the past four years.

No more.

This week she’s trying out for the middle school team. The teams will be based on skill. For years it’s been all about equal play and having fun.

No more.

For years kids are told in youth sports that it’s not about winning. (Yeah, right.) Then they get older and it’s all about winning and playing time. Some players advance with natural skill and some by hard work.

I encouraged my daughter to run over the summer. To get in shape. Before it really counts.

And she’s glad she did. (That’s what happens when you have a coach for a mom.)

So, between novels or while writing a first draft or while revising – what do you do to practice writing? Do you know your weaknesses?

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I break down novels for structure. And I’ve learned a lot. I mean a lot. More than I could put in a blog post. All my Plot Busters posts? Well, sorry, they weren’t about me trying to share my expertise. That was me processing what I was learning.

Here are some ways to grow:

  • Reading (a lot)
  • Free writing in a journal

Help me fill out the list. What do you do to grow as a writer and bring new skills to each manuscript?

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Open mike at Laura’s! Stop on by.

Sigh. I love my followers. They are so gracious and full of wisdom.

That was my last comment on Friday’s post. We’ve been talking about Nathan Bransford’s attempt at self promoting, which did end up with sales. He reminded his readers and some of them responded very positively. #goNathan

You’ve been listening to me ramble on about agents, promotion, and the publishing industry. You’ve offered up your wisdom and opinions in the comments. I love that we all approach publishing from a different angle with different experiences. I love that we will all choose our own path.  #stillfiguringoutmypath

So, it’s your turn. What have you been thinking about? Have you read an awesome book this summer? What are your concerns with where you are at in the publishing journey? What are you doing this summer to grow as a writer? Tell me one thing you learned this last month concerning your writing? #plentyofquestions #answerone #noexcuses  #humorisallowed

Thanks everyone!

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