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I got the message – LOUD and CLEAR!

Okay, really. I got the message. I learned my lesson. I never want to sit in the doldrums again. Without a life jacket. Without direction. Without water. And with only a blank page.

When ideas are flowing like toddlers toward an open cupboard – stop what you are working on and write them down.

Really. Who cares if you have a new story outlined and the first 4 chapters written. Who cares if you are excited about your new project even if it’s only a first rough draft. Who cares if you won’t have to worry about needing a new idea until another 6 months to a year. Who cares!

Stop what you are doing. Pull out your pencil, pen, magnadoodle – whatever works. Unplug.

And I don’t just mean write a line or two. If the muse happens to be working for you that day, then take the time to free write and develop the ideas.

So I get it. I can’t force ideas when I need them! Yes, I hammered out a plot to the story I’m working on now – and that’s okay. But when I stopped putting so much pressure on my brain, it started to cooperate. So, I’m taking some creative time to develop some other ideas before my brain tucks them away where I can’t find them!

The brain is a funny thing that should never be underestimated!

When do your best ideas come? Do you find they come in bunches? Do you write them down?

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