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Find the fun! (And an interesting fact about honey.)

Good morning friends,

My son just looked over my shoulder and said, “Why would people want to read that?”

Exactly! Smart boy. (I just deleted my first paragraph. It’s gone into the ether. Never to be seen.)

Have you seen some of the kerfuffles happening in the blogosphere lately? Kinda crazy, huh? In a couple years, we’ll look back at this highly emotional time in publishing (because let’s face it, we are emotional people) and think, ‘Wow, no wonder why. Look at all the upheavals happening. The uncertainty! The madness!

And here’s an interesting fact. Did you know that honey never goes bad? That’s straight from the mouth of a 3rd grader in my kitchen. See, this is what happens when I write with my kids around. Thank goodness I’m not writing a story because that factoid could’ve ended up in a story that had nothing to do with honey or bears. Hmm.

One thought does weigh on my heart. Blog fatigue. I’ve seen quite a few people talk about how bored they are or how they aren’t really into social media. Twitter has become nothing more than one big promotional stream.

I’m not bored. And I’m not fatigued. Maybe I’ve only been blogging almost two years and not five? Maybe if writers want to promote their books, I don’t mind? Maybe I’m just not on it enough to feel annoyed? Not sure. What do you think?

Multiple choice question.

Why do you think bloggers are suffering from social media fatigue?

  1. Too much chocolate, which causes tiredness. (I think.)
  2. Too much pressure to build platform.
  3. Too much effort to comment on 100 blogs.
  4. Too much ranting and slamming and nitpicking going on.
  5. Too many interviews and promotions.
  6. Depression that not as many people are writing about vampires.
  7. Other.

What do you think? And do you have interesting factoid to brighten my day? Do share.

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