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Dragon Empire Blog Tour!

I love hosting other authors because releasing a book out into the wild is exciting and scary! Here’s the latest from Heather McCorkle!

Today we’re celebrating the release of Heather McCorkle’s fantasy novel, The Dragon Empire! For today’s stop Heather is answering the following question:

The world you created in The Dragon Empire is very elaborate. How did you keep track of everything?

Heather: I created a notebook and put everything about the world in it. I wrote up pages on each type of dragon, each island, each character, the different creatures and cultures, and even drew maps of the world. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!


Here is a bit about it:

On Yacrana dragons are the advanced species. But advanced doesn’t always mean civilized…

There’s trouble in the Dragon Empire, the kind that could start a war between dragons and the races of people. Hidden factions of dragons believe they should rule the lesser races, not simply stand aside and allow them to develop as they will. Having lived so long in peace, the Emperors turn a blind eye, many oblivious that such attitudes even exist.

Despite being only an architect class, emerald dragon, Grendar is willing to risk banishment and death to stop that which his rulers refuse to see. The hope of peace lies not within the scaled breast of a dragon however, but within the hands of a group of people. But if the hidden factions have their way, these people won’t live to fulfill such a destiny. With a reluctant seer at his side, Grendar must leave his precious Empire for the outside world to save those that will one day save his kind.

While The Dragon Empire is for ages young adult and up, it does contain mild violence and some difficult subject matter. 
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Rise of the Rector! Ending to a great series.

I had the honor of reading this third and I believe final book in the Channeler series. I love the tie-in to the Maya she brought, along with some end of the world mayhem. I loved the high action stakes, but more importantly, I loved the friendship. As the cover shows, the bond of four friends in this book is tight.
Now I’ll hand over the blog to Heather.

The final novel in Heather McCorkle’s channeler series, Rise of a Rector, has released! To celebrate, and in the spirit of October, Fane from the channeler series is here to tell us about a scary moment in his life. Take it away Fane!

Fane: My cousin, my only flesh and blood anywhere near my age, was being attacked by two boys in the middle of a party. No one was helping her. I crouched in the shadows, indecisive. If I helped her then I risked exposing my family’s secret, one that would endanger all our lives if the people of this town knew. But the boys were overcoming her. I couldn’t let them hurt her so I swallowed my fear and jumped in the fight.

Check out Heather’s blog for a new tour stop each day until November 2nd. To thank her fans, and future fans, Heather’s historical fantasy novel (a standalone novel that ties into the channeler series) will be free Friday November 2nd and Saturday November 3rd on Amazon. And if Heather gets over 1000 downloads of To Ride A Puca in those two days she’ll give away a $10 Amazon or B&N gift card! So spread the word, get ready to download To Ride A Puca, tell all your friends to download it, and drop by Heather’s blog now to enter to win the gift certificate.

You can find all three novels in the channeler series (The Secret of Spruce Knoll, Channeler’s Choice, and Rise of a Rector) on Amazon and B&N, as well as other retail sites. The channeler novella~and prequel to The Secret of Spruce Knoll~Born of Fire is currently free on Amazon and B&N and you can find a short story aboutFane from the series in the FREE anthology, In His eyes. You can add Rise of a Rector to your Goodreads lists at this link.

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What makes a novel one from the heart? To Ride a Puca.

I hear this phrase often: the novel from the heart. We all have one. Maybe we’ve written it. Maybe we haven’t. Maybe we’re holding off until we feel up to the challenge. When fellow Indelible, Heather McCorkle talked about her novel from the heart – I wanted to know more!


Could you tell us about your book in one sentence?  

The last of the druids in ancient Ireland face what could be their final battle for their homeland.

How is it connected to the Channeler novels?

This is a companion novel to the channeler series. Meaning, it’s a complete novel in itself. One doesn’t need to read the channeler series at all to read this book. It’s about one of the main character’s ancestors from the channeler series though so fans of it will hopefully love it.

Where did your interest in Irish mythology get started?

Fairy tales, literally! I’ve been fascinated with Irish mythology from a very young age when my parents first read me stories of fairies and leprechauns.

I’ve heard you say that To Ride a Puca is a book of the heart. Could you expand on that? Why is it so special?

It was a tough one to write because it’s very honest where history is concerned, and history often isn’t gentle. The idea for this novel started when I began to research my own Irish lineage and so it was literally born of the heart. The hardships of my ancestors bled onto the page in a very real way for me.

What’s coming up in the future for you? More Channeler novels? Or something new?

Definitely! The final novel in the channeler series will be coming out this fall, Rise of a Rector. After that, I can’t say exactly. But what I can say is that there are two more historicals in my future and some full fledged fantasy novels.

Wow, Heather. This book sounds terrific. I love knowing that someone’s novel is one from the heart. Sounds amazing.

Go to Heather’s blog to enter her giveaways!

Purchase To Ride a Puca at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

So how many of you out there have a novel from the heart written or yet to be written? Or a novel that you loved so much it became a part of your heart!


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A Goodreads hottest YA cover pick! Channeler’s Choice.

Winner of Pretty Crooked and Watched is Alicia Marie Ezell! Thanks everyone!

And now down to the business of the day.

You all know Heather McCorkle, right? If you don’t, she’s released her second book! Yay! She’s also holding a huge giveaway. Check it out.

Channeler’s Choice Release announcement:
Releasing (officially) February 27th in hardback and eBook, Channeler’s Choice, the sequel to Heather McCorkle’s earth-conscious urban fantasy, The Secret Of Spruce Knoll. To celebrate she’s doing a blog tour from February 27th through March 15th along with a giveaway. Here are the prizes:

Winner #1:

An eBook of Tangled Tides by Karen Amanda Hooper
An eBook of Running Wide Open by Lisa Nowak
An eBook of The Secret Of Spruce Knoll (if you don’t have a copy yet)
A paperback of Born Of Fire & Dies Irae (novella combination by Heather McCorkle and Christine Fonseca released through
Compass Press)
And of course, Channeler’s Choice swag (bookmarks,
postcards, etc.)

Winner #2

An eBook of Beautiful Demons & Inner Demons by Sarra Cannon
An eBook of Bound by C.K. Bryant
An eBook of The Secret Of Spruce Knoll (if you don’t have a copy yet)
A paperback of Born Of Fire & Dies Irae (novella combination by Heather McCorkle and Christine Fonseca released through Compass Press)
And of course, Channeler’s Choice swag (bookmarks, postcards, etc.)
If you don’t have an eReader then you’ll definitely want to stay tuned on Heather’s blog for a HUGE giveaway taking place at the end of the Channeler’s Choice tour.
To enter stop by her blog for official details.

Channeler’s Choice is available here:

Here is a bit about Channeler’s Choice:

With her parents’ murderer’s dead, Eren can finally concentrate on fitting in at Spruce Knoll High, not to mention figuring out what it means to be a channeler. If only it were that easy. It turns out she isn’t normal even among channelers – she may be a legendary warrior meant to protect the earth in a last great battle.

But Mayan prophecies are the least of her worries as she involuntarily starts to gather her own Society, another girl moves in on Aiden, her powers rage out of control, and worst of all, someone is stalking her. To top it all off, Eren discovers she doesn’t have to be a channeler after all – she has a choice.

As an old threat closes in and she risks ending up like her parents, she is forced to decide. Be a normal teenager and leave the legendary warrior stuff to someone else, or embrace a dark destiny?

And lucky for you! Heather’s offering two ebooks of her novella Born of Fire to two different lucky commenters. Please tweet with @laurapauling – no need to leave the link.

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