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My 2013 confessions

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My 2013 confessions:

Yeah, our Christmas tree is still up.

I’m still debating whether to watch American Idol this year or not. If it were one day a week? Sure. But for a while there it’s 3 nights. #needtowrite  #needtoread

Totally debating whether to get involved with Downtown Abbey. I also watched the first episode of The Walking Dead and was totally hooked. #decisions

I’ve been able to go down to my basement…alone without breaking out in a sweat.

I didn’t make any writing resolutions because I already had my production schedule laid out. It might change week to week but it’s there, broken down month-to-month and week-to-week for the coming month.

I received fleece-lined running pants (expensive) and I just want to wear them during the day. Sometimes I do. Do any stores sell fleece-lined yoga pants cheap?

I’ve read more self-published books this year than traditional. Mainly b/c they’re cheaper so I get more for my money. Plus, I can’t get them at my library or elibrary.

Susan Kaye Quinn tagged me in the Next Big Thing and I still haven’t written up my post. #soon #verysoon

A part of me misses the good ole days where we all blogged and wrote and celebrated when someone signed with an agent or signed a book deal. I don’t comment as much but I still read them.

My words for 2013 is Fun and Forgiveness.

Enjoy my life.

Enjoy my faith.

Enjoy my family.

Enjoy my friends.

Enjoy my writing.

Some of my other thoughts I’m saving for my first IndieLife post on the Indelibles blog this Wednesday.

You can sign up to participate too! And come back later this week for the trailer for Susan’s Mindjack series! Can’t wait. It will be epic!

What would your word be for 2013?

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Exciting new releases! A middle grade and a young adult!

So many changes in a year. I can say that compared to last year at this time, self publishing is more accepted, is thriving, and…

I don’t regret my decision for a second.

Everyday writers are added to the list, who are considering self-publishing, or who have taken the plunge.

 I’m happy to officially announce the release of two books within days of each other.

Published by Pugalicious Press

Convinced that her grandfather, Zeb, needs help, twelve-year-old Bianca persuades her family to fly to the Mayan ruins of Tikal on a search and rescue mission. Impatient, she and her brainy cousin, Melvin, sneak out in the middle of the night and follow the clues to the ancient Maya city of Etza, where the people haven’t aged in 2,000 years. The cousins must learn to work together as they face loincloth-wearing skeletons from the underworld, a backstabbing princess, and an ancient prophecy—one that says in three days the city will be destroyed. They’ll find Zeb and zip right out of there. No problem.

Except, Bianca starts to care for her new friends, and Zeb does not want to be rescued. The fact that a crazy king wants to serve Bianca up to the gods as an appetizer is just a minor technicality. But this ancient evil dude has finally met his match. 

The blog tour starts next Monday with prize packages! Stay tuned!

Amazon ~ Read Chapter One


And the sequel to A SPY LIKE ME

Love can be dangerous. Games can be deadly.

Savvy finally reunites with Malcolm, the hot assassin she fell for in Paris.
But when an ancient enemy threatens their lives, Savvy and Malcolm must convince their families to work together, or their future together could be erased.

Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~ Read Chapter One


I’ll tell you a secret. I love publishing and getting my work out there. After my week hiatus in which I worked on formatting and the publishing aspect, I’m looking forward to diving back into my works-in-progress.

What are you working on? Tell me about your stories. Or tell me a favorite book you’ve read recently.

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INDIE-giving – Thankful for the small things. (And a giveaway)



When we were first planning this INDIEgiving blogfest, I said to myself easy peasy – I can do this. I’m thankful for so much. But it was really hard to narrow down.

I’m thankful for the option to self publish, for readers, for the Indelibles and the wealth of knowledge within the group. I’m thankful for all my blogging friends, critique partners and beta readers.

But that feels so insignificant when compared to the fact that I have a friend with 3-6 months left to live. Yet, he and his family are finding ways to glorify God through this tough time.

So I’m thankful for life. I’m thankful for health and a place to live and the food on our table. I’m thankful that I believe in a God who is all about grace and mercy, even when our prayers don’t get answered in the way we’d like.

But I’m especially thankful for the little things.

My son’s smile and the hug I get every day. My daughter’s teachers at school, who totally impressed me. My sister, who called yesterday.

The fact that my husband is pushing me completely out of my comfort zone with this huge Thanksgiving party. Gulp. **breathes into paper bag**

For the friends in my life who show me grace and still invest in my friendship even when I’m not the perfect friend.

Small things.

But small things add up, and together, they bring a smile to my face every day.

And for the giveaway!

This is really simple. The sequel to A SPY LIKE ME will be out in the next couple weeks. Yay!

If you haven’t read A SPY LIKE ME yet, use my contact form or leave a note in the comments with your name, email, and preferred file (epub or mobi) and I’ll email it to you!

Here’s the sequel. 🙂

Offer is good until my next blog post.

Make sure to visit everyone posting in the INDIE-giving blogfest. Click here for the links.

For all my friends in the States, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 



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