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Bring on the funny girls.

Okay, you’ve all heard of the rockin’  blog, A Fuse #8 Production, right? So, this blog post is a direct product of this post here. Go and read it and then come back. I’ll wait with a cup of coffee. I promise.

Floored, right? I kinda was. Especially when not even her commenters could come up with one funny main character girl, preferably middle grade, written by a male. There are some funny side kick girls, but that’s not the same thing.

Wow. This just made me think. And I’m still thinking about it.

Funny girls. Read most agent websites and they want funny. Funny is great. Funny is hard. Funny can’t be forced the way some emotion can.

A girl sense of funny is totally different than a boy sense of funny. I’m a girl, so I’m speaking on good authority here. I want funny with lots of heart to back it up. I love physical humor, but I want more than that. Wit. Sarcasm. Dry humor. Situational humor. Hyperbole. Suprises. All of that kind of funny makes me smile and sometimes laugh out loud.

Many of the realistic mg for girls that I’ve read are about moving and new friends and losing friends. (And that’s okay because some girls like to read about that stuff to know they are not the only one to lose a friend. sniff sniff.) And there might be some funny situations but not as many funny girls. And there is a difference, don’t you think?

Clementine is a funny girl. How she interprets the world and her relationships are funny. Plus, there are humorous situations in the book. But, it’s written by a girl, Sara Pennypacker. Sigh.

Okay, Jon Scieszka, (why do authors have such tough names to spell? What happened to authors like John smith or Ray Grant. Come on.) I think you’ve been given a challenge. But I doubt he’ll be interested since he’s all about getting Guys to Read. But who knows, maybe some day…

Oh, and here’s a post from WriteonCon by Rachel Hawkins about her funny writing and don’t be afraid to ‘bring on the funny’!! I think just about every post I have, I could link back to WriteonCon. Seriously.

So, what’s the funniest book you’ve read? What do you find funny? And do you know any boys that write funny girls? Or girls that write funny boys? How different is a boy vs girl sense of funny. (See this is just a sampling of all my thoughts created by one blog post – kinda cool.)

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