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Online reviews, Goodreads reviews – and honesty.

This has been on my mind for a while. In fact, every time I add another review of a book to Goodreads. Or I read an online review. Or I review a book on my blog, I think about it.

For Goodreads reviews I only use 3, 4 and 5 stars. (If I’d give lower than a three, I don’t review it.)  

Five stars: These books are my favorites. They hit every aspect of a book that I like. It’s personal. And I’ll probably read it again.

But on Goodreads – should it be personal? Should I give five stars to books that even if I didn’t love, I think kids will?

On my blog I only list the positive aspects of books. For one, this is not a book blog. I know most of you understand that. We’re writers and we want to promote, not tear down.

But I have so much more respect for a book review when a reviewer states what they felt could have been done better. Then I trust why they loved the book because they are being honest.  And just because there is a negative doesn’t mean I won’t read it. Because let’s face it – it’s nigh impossible to write a book that pleases everyone.

What do you think? How do you review books on Goodreads? And should my reviews on Goodreads not be personal? And at some point, do book reviews lose their power when book after book is always a glowing review?

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