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Fear of the First Chapter – ridiculous but real.

I’m moving on and totally forgetting about the fact that I have queries and my first chapter out in cyberspace. 

I have to.

It’s just plain old unhealthy to obsess about a letter…and what it means. The staggering weight of my future career all tied up in a few measly 250 words.

So, I’m focusing on my next project. I’m excited. I’m spreading my writing wings, ready to apply all I’ve learned to my next story. Because this could be the one. Except for the one already out there, but I’m not thinking about that one.

I’m spending extra time planning, plotting, creating, masterminding evil deeds and villains. Except…

I have a little fear of starting the first draft of the first chapter because I’ve been so used to revising and rewriting a more polished manuscript that I’m not used to reading over first draft suckage.

So, I did a curious thing last night. I was tired from being out all day. My creative juices were running low. I wanted to sleep, but it was too early for bed. I’d already checked my email 100 times. Really, I wasn’t thinking about it – you know, the letter.

So, I decided to rewrite a first chapter of an old story in the pov of my new exciting project. I wanted to practice. I needed to practice a multiple third person distant pov because I’ve never done it. So, it would be okay for it to be suckage because I’m just practicing.

Today. I decided to conquer the world, or at least my first chapter. It’s definitely not perfect, but it’s a start. I love this new pov I’m trying,  like its a new pair of skinny jeans. (So hard to find, but once you do, you want to wear them every day.) So go out and conquer your fears today!

Does anyone else feel that first chapter hesitation at the start of a project?

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