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“Twisdom” (It’s not what you think.)

Dear God,

Please forgive me.

I know it was wrong. But sometimes I can’t control the stray thoughts that enter my brain, even during church. I mean, shouldn’t my brain know that certain thoughts don’t belong in the sanctuary? I think so.

I was listening to the sermon. Honestly. But when Pastor talked about true wisdom versus false wisdom, I couldn’t help but make the connection to writing. I don’t think that’s what my Pastor intended. Okay, I’m almost positive he didn’t.

But, it’s really not my fault. Actually, if you break it down, I think it’s my Pastor’s fault. The title of his sermon was “Twisdom”. Immediately, I groaned (inside my head, of course). I thought, how in the world is he going to connect wisdom on Twitter to my spiritual life? I’m positive there are no prophecies or scriptures referring to Twitter. (I’ve never tried to solve the Bible Code, though, so who knows, maybe there is some prophecy I don’t know about.)

It turned out he wasn’t referring to Twitter at all. But can you understand why I got sidetracked? Especially with all the Twitter vocabulary fluttering through the blogosphere. I’m sure you think it’s getting a little ridiculous too. Even up in Tweaven.

Sorry. Back to Twisdom. I mean wisdom. Pastor said that true wisdom is humble and teachable. And that false wisdom is basically acting like a jerk and showing a know-it-all attitude. 

And that, God, is when I thought about my writing journey. How the more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to learn. The more great books I read, the more I realize how much harder I have to work. Humble. Teachable. Good things to be.

That’s how I want to be. And writing shouldn’t have been the first thing to pop into my mind, because I need all the humbleness and teachableness I can muster when it comes to being a parent, a wife, a friend.

So, in closing. If you could strike that stray thought from my record, I’d appreciate it. And while I’m at it, I should apologize for the time I used my sermon bulletin to list plot points.


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